Sorry, the Survey is Full!!

Sorry, we’re full!

Registration has now closed for the Big Wasp Survey because we have reached our target of 2000 traps. However, many of you have emailed us expressing your disappointment at not being able to register for the survey.

If you have already set up your trap, then please email us and supply us with your postcode so we can assess how to proceed. We don’t want any traps wasted!


But..please do not set up a trap for the survey, if you haven’t already done so! We are limiting the number of traps to ensure the wasp populations are not affected.

Why are we limiting trap registrations?

The wasps that will be caught in the traps at this time of year are most likely to be workers – they cannot reproduce and are at the end of their own and their colony’s lives. However, as this is the first year of the survey, we are limiting the number of traps to be extra sure that the study does not affect wasp populations.

How can I find out more about the survey and its results?

It’s going to take a fair few months for the BWS Team to sort the samples and analyse the data. We’ll be posting the results on our website. So, keep your eye on our twitter feed (@Bigwaspsurvey) and our website.

Submit Your Wasps

If you are one of our 2000 traps out there, once your trap has been outside for a week, we need to follow the instructions on trap page on collecting your wasps, then fill in the form below.

This will generate you a unique Freepost label for your trap, and you can sent of your collection to us.

Remember, if you found no wasps, we still need to you to fill out this form; it’s important information.

Please make sure you enter the trap number we gave you when you registered.
Please make sure you enter the same Postcode you did when you registered.
If you are having problems submitting this form from a mac, please email us and we will be in contact you.