2019 Survey

Last year, wasp-love swept the nation like we’d never have predicted! We were overwhelmed with the enthusiasm for wasps, and it took us a long time to sort and identify all of your little packets of wasps.

This year we are taking a different approach. We will be contacting those of you who have taken part in both 2017 and 2018 and asking you to be our “super samplers” – if this is you then you’ll receive an email from us inviting you to sign up first. After that we’ll be opening up registration across the UK, but only for a limited number of traps in each postcode area. This sampling approach gives us better data for fewer wasps, which is an important consideration for BWS, and also allows us to be more targeted in where we sample across the UK.

We apologise to those of you who would like to take part, but don’t qualify as a ‘super sampler’ or if your postcode fills up quickly. We hope you understand that we need to sample only what is needed. But please do continue to spread the #wasplove – and look out for our call for wider participation in future years of the Big Wasp Survey!

Meanwhile, have a read of our Report on BWS progress over the last two years, available to view and download here: bigwaspsurvey.org/results