2019 Data Update!

BWS 2019 in Numbers

  • 2144 traps registered to take part in BWS 2019.
  • 1809 traps complete
  • Multiple traps at the same locations!

BWS team evaluation: Once again, the enthusiasm from the public for taking part in the Big Wasp Survey was unprecedented! And this was despite the fact that we were much more targetted this year in recruiting samplers. If you took part in 2019 you were probably a “Super Sampler”, meaning you’ve taken part in 2017 and/or 2018. We asked you to put out multiple traps in the same area, and over half of you did this THANK YOU! This now means we can improve the quantitative data we obtain from your traps. You’ve contributed towards an incredibly comprehensive dataset on the diversity and distribution of social wasps in the UK. Replicated sampling in the same place year after year is incredibly valuable.

What’s Next?

We are very busy, processing the samples you sent us. We rely on the good will of our students and members of the public to help do this, as we have no funding for dedicated staff on this project. We are indebted to the generosity of you – the public – in helping us with our wasp identification by attending our public workshops. If you’ve not signed up to one of these, but would like to help out, please sign up now! Workshops take place in Nov and Dec. We apologise that due to our financial and logistical restrictions, these are all in the London area.

These workshops would not be possible without the generous support of  the Angela Marmont Centre at London’s Natural History Museum, and the Field Studies Centre at Bushy Park.