Posting Your Catch To Us

Thank you for taking part in the 2019 Big Wasp Survey.  Now send us your wasps!!

Please make sure that you have updated all your trap details listed on your account page.  We need to know when the trap was outside, it’s postcode and remember to update the Trap Status on the first tab, so we know what state your trap is in.

What Did You Catch?

Have a look at this table to see if you need to send your collection to us:

What Did You Catch? What To Do Next
Only wasps Send all wasps back to us
Wasps and other insects Send all insects back to us
Other insects but no wasps Nothing.  You are finished
No wasps and no other insects Nothing.  You are finished

If you caught wasps, please send them to us.

Read how to get your wasps ready for posting.

Send Us Your Wasps!

Please prepare your envelope (ideally an A5 jiffy bag) as follows:


On the front write:

Big Wasp Survey

That’s it… Nothing else.
We did hear last year that some parcels were returned to sender by the postoffice.  But we have checked… This is DEFINATELY all you need to write on the envelope.  If they are returned to you, please let us know.

Then on the back, write your name and address, but most importatly,

Without your trap number we won’t be able to match your collection to your data and location and we won’t be able to use it.



Please email us with the subject line REMOVE ME if you want us to delete your email address from our mailing database.