Big Wasp Survey 2017 – the results are in!

Geographic Spread of 2017 wasp traps.
Geographic Spread of 2017 wasp traps.

Thank you to those who took part in the inaugural Big Wasp Survey. We are delighted by the level of interest and enthusiasm across the whole of the UK to get involved and contribute. Thousands of you embraced the Big Wasp Survey, providing a snapshot of the life of one of our most vital but poorly understood group of insects in one of the most important habitats in the UK – our gardens.

Despite the poor weather last summer, we received 6,680 wasps from 1,294 people across the UK. A fantastic response, providing a wealth of information comparable with specialist recording data collected over decades.

The majority of the wasps were our common wasp, Vespula vulgaris, the German wasp Vespula germanica and the European hornet Vespa crabro, which together made up almost 95% of those collected. All the wasps were workers nearing the end of their life cycle, so the survey had no impact on queens preparing to hibernate and produce the 2018 colonies. We were also reassured not to receive the invasive Asian hornet Vespa velutina, despite two reported sightings in 2017.

This is an encouraging start but it’s only the beginning. We’re particularly interested to understand the impact that this year’s hot summer is having on our wasp population. So, register today to get involved in Big Wasp Survey 2018 and join us in tracking the year-on-year trends. With your help, we can make this year’s survey even bigger and better

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