Last Year’s Survey (2018)

In 2018 Wasp-love swept the nation like we’d never have predicted! We are overwhelmed with the enthusiasm for the Big Wasp Survey in 2018! Thank you, citizen scientists of the UK!

Freezers loaded with 2017 results back in October 2017.

For those who registered, we are HUGELY excited about your sampling and are looking forward to seeing the packages of insects.

Top Big Wasp Survey tips:

  • Do leave your trap out for the full 7 days, even if you think it’s ‘full’!
  • Do put your catch in the freezer overnight when you’ve drained them, to be sure they are all dead.
  • Do send us ALL the organisms in your catch – we need to know if your trap is attracting things other than wasps.
  • Do fill in ALL the details on the online form – we need this information to make your samples useful for analyses.
  • Don’t send us random wasps you collected OUTSIDE of your trap – they are no use to us (Sorry! But thanks for your enthusiasm!)
  • Don’t forget to send us your catch ASAP! We’ll be sorting in earnest from mid-September onwards.

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