Handling Wasps Safely

Wasps can sting and that sting can be very painful! In very rare cases, if people have an allergy to wasp venom, a sting can be a serious medical problem. As much as we want information about wasps we do not want anyone to get hurt collecting that information for us. The following guidelines will help to keep you safe.

  1. The beer in your trap will attract wasps so be sure to put the trap somewhere where wasps are not going to be a problem. Place your trap far away from where you and your neighbours sit, work or play in the garden. Do not put your trap near windows or doors.
  2. Collect your trap late in the evening when wasps are not likely to be active. If you prefer, you could wear washing up gloves, and a long sleeved shirt.
  3. It’s possible that not all the wasps in your trap are dead: to ensure they are all safe to handle, carefully drain off the beer and wrap the insects from your trap loosely in tin foil. Pop them in your freezer for at least 2 hours.
  4. Remember that it is possible for the sting of a dead wasp to penetrate your skin so be careful even when handling dead wasps.
  5. If you do get stung by a wasp then visit http://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/Bites-insect/Pages/Introduction.aspx for treatment advice. Familiarise yourself with the signs of severe allergic reaction at: http://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/Allergies/Pages/Symptoms.aspx. These inclide: swelling of the throat and mouth; difficulty breathing; lightheadedness; confusion; blue skin or lips